Wireless Field Day 4 – The eye of the storm

This will be my 4th wireless field day and I must say I’m very honored to be once again invited back. This event has for me become important not only for the caliber of people that attend from all around the world (the best and brightest in the industry!) but also because from my point of view we are moving to a time where the enterprise is rapidly changing from a hard shell around its internal data assets to one where every device needs to be looked at individually for how it accesses those data assets. All this is being driven and handled by individuals and companies such as those who participate in WFD4. Just look at the following list of presenters;

Wednesday, Feb 13 14:00-16:00 Motorola Solutions Presents at Wireless Field Day 4
Wednesday, Feb 13 16:00-18:00 Wi-Fi Stress Tests with Keith Parsons
Thursday, Feb 14 08:00-10:00 Juniper Presents at Wireless Field Day 4
Thursday, Feb 14 13:00-17:00 Aruba Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 4
Friday, Feb 15 9:00-10:00 Meraki Presents at Wireless Field Day 4
Friday, Feb 15 10:30-12:30 Cisco Presents at Wireless Field Day 4

You can find more information on this and sign up to participate in the next WFD at the Tech Field Day website.

My daily job is leading a team of wireless professionals and I have been watching several trends emerging that all revolve around the impact of BYOD and how its changing IT from being totally locked down desktops to tablets and mobile devices. This has meant a huge demand for those that know and understand 802.11 wireless and how to deploy it.

The importance of wireless field day in all of this is that this event gives me the ability to get direct data from leading vendors on how they see the industry evolving and for me to give feedback to them on what I get from both my customers and the people I work with. This truly is the ‘eye of the storm’ for me as it would be easy to just focus on dealing with the rapid changes daily I help my customers with and forget about discovering what the larger picture is both from my vendors and my customers point of view. I will challenge everyone out there to be involved in this feedback loop between your vendors and customers. Most people I think simply focus on their daily job and forget that by helping that flow of information back and forth you can enable everyone to improve and address directly the problems inherent in enabling the mobile workforce.

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