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Well now I have somewhat got my blog ready, this will be the first post of my efforts to study for the CWSP exam. My ultimate goal is to reach CWNE, but I don’t think I’ll be ready for that for a while yet. This is my next step in the quest which I began 13th Nov 2009 by sitting and passing the CWNA.

First up, I am studying from the Official Study Guide for Exam PW0-204 by David Coleman, David Westcott, Bryan Harkins & Shawn Jackman. This book is well worth buying if you are intending to study for this exam. Get it from the site.

My first impressions in looking through this book is that I know already a lot of the topics it covers, but perhaps not in as much detail and depth as I would like. This will not only be to pass the exam I am reading this (as I see it as pointless for my job to just be ‘book’ smart), but also to gain more knowledge for both my own edification and for what I do on a day to day basis. I am kind of glad that my job as a wireless engineer means that I am working on a daily basis with networks big and small and I get to see a _lot_ of different wireless networks. I expect it would be somewhat harder to study for this if my I was fixed by a job that involved responsibilities other than just doing wireless work.

My general study method that I use is to read through basic material such as this book, try to make notes and get an idea of what sections I am weak in by taking any tests that come with the book. I then go back and re-read my weaker sections and attempt to fill in the information by looking for other sources on the web. If I can I try to take practice tests such as are on the CWNP site. After several months of reading and absorbing material and trying tests, once I am consistently scoring high on the tests and feel comfortable that I know the material well I make an attempt at the exam itself. If I don’t pass I go back to re-reading and testing until I fill in the weak area’s from the exam. With this method I have been able to pass usually the first time, but sometimes when I rush myself I have to do one retake. A failed exam is usually enough to make me double down on the study to make sure I don’t miss it again.

Anyway, I will add to this writing notes and impressions of the subjects of each chapter as I go through them here on this site. This will help to be a reminder to me and also to solidify what I have read in my mind by summarizing it here. I know summarizing helped me immensely when I was doing my degree, so I think it will help with this as well to fortify my memory. I hope this will encourage feedback from people reading this site as well and I would appreciate any comments that are left.

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  1. George says:

    Good luck …! I will be following your efforts !

  2. Prashant says:

    Best of Luck

    I will also follow.

    Official Study Guide for Exam PW0-204 by David Coleman, David Westcott, Bryan Harkins & Shawn Jackman is really good.

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