Study for CWAP & Wireless Field Day Update

Well its been a long time since I posted anything to this blog. I have, however been focused pretty much solely on getting the busy part of the year out of the way at my job. In the meantime I have had to, by necessity put aside studying. This post, however, marks my return to achieving my goal, the CWNE certification. As the exam has now changed to incorporate two new certifications, the CWDP and CWAP, I will need to pass these in order to get there. Of the two I think the CWAP for me will be by far the most difficult. I am eagerly awaiting the publication of the CWAP study guide. Until then (Amazon for some reason lists it as March for the release date, although I am told it will be ‘soon’) I will have to make do with the old version of the study guide and whatever I can find online. I have, however, been invited to the CWNP beta course for CWAP on April 12-14th. I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into it and spending some time with a few of the other engineers I know will be there.

Wireless Tech Field Day will be a blast judging by the quality of the delegates attending this event. Here is the current list (and I encourage you to go read their blogs too!);


The Tech Field Day web page is at or and contains links to presenters and delegates, as well as news, twitter updates, and more. Take a look now!


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