My spaces are moving to other places and Wi-Fi connection problems with OS 10.7 Lion

I upgraded my main Macbook Pro 2010 to OS X Lion in the weekend although I have been ‘testing’ it fow a few weeks now to make sure all my applications wouldn’t have problems running on it. This article is mainly about the few annoyances I have encountered in the few days of using it, which quite honestly have really been very minor. On the whole I really like the new OS and am hoping Microsoft will come out with a patch soon to get Office 2011 to use the new versioning features. I have had a couple of problems with the Wi-Fi not being able to gracefully handle my SSL-VPN disconnecting without getting an exclamation mark in the Wi-Fi icon, but this seems easy enough to fix, just turn it off and on again. Spaces is now Mission Control, but the part of Mission Control I am going to talk about here is to do with the changes of what used to be called Spaces.

I went cold turkey with the main complaint people seems to have with Lion, the changed way of scrolling. I actually find it more natural to use with trackpad type devices than the mouse wheel on my Logitech mouse and so am probably going to swap to a Magic Mouse soon because of this. The main thing I was worried about before upgrading was how it would work in my Windows 7 vm and I found that the scolling is swapped there as well which was a relief. It would be a pain to have to constantly remember to swap back and forth.

Mission Control is quite a change from Exposé and Spaces. I think for the most part Apple has done a good job integrating them and the Dashboard. I particularly like the integration with gestures, swiping to move to another desktop just feels so much more a natural thing to do than the old Ctrl-arrow way (even though that still works). I never really used Exposé a lot as I found it difficult to fit into how I use my desktop. I tend to put a separate application on each desktop and swap between them, so Spaces really just extended my desktop for me in much the same way a second monitor would. This is one thing I loved about Spaces and the other thing (which I now miss and hope Apple will bring back) was the wraparound. Basically this means when you get to the last Space, the next move to the right brings you back to the first Space again. I got quickly frustrated when using Mission Control this week because its setup by default to automatically rearrange the desktops. I like things to be in a particular place and having them suddenly shift was something I didn’t like. Let me show you what I mean here. This first shot you can see here that in Desktop 6 Word is running and at the end in Desktop 10 is MarsEdit. This is my desktops in order.

In Order

The default configuration of Mission Control is not setup like this, however, and moves the desktops around. This next shot you see that Desktop 6 has moved and also Chrome has moved as well. This annoyed me as I like to know where the desktops are in relation to each other so I can quickly swipe to get to them.

2011 07 26 17 17 58

This also turned out to be an easy fix. I additionally wanted to not have the Dashboard to the left and to go back to it as an overlay like in Snow Leopard. Go into Mission Control in the System Preferences;

2011 07 26 17 20 04

Deselect the first two to turn off both the Dashboard and the automatically rearranging Spaces and the desktops stay in order. I must admit as upgrades go this was very smooth and relatively troublefree. I say relatively as I have a version of Trend Micro that is pushed to my MacBook Pro by the IT department at my company. I discovered that I was able to generate a very nasty panic in the kernel which pointed to a kext that Trend Micro was loading. This happened when the system was loading Steam for me consistently, but I’ve now had reports form others at my company they have had similar panics. Once I disabled that kext from loading the problem disappeared. Lets hope Trend Micro fixes this soon.

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