Meeting old friends and making new one’s at the Wireless LAN Professional’s Conference


I’m on my way home after spending several days with about 100 friends. Some were new friends, I met them for the first time this week as they had decided to come to the WLPC. Some were friend’s I’d known on social media for a while but never met in person. And some were old friends I’ve known for some time through being an active part of the WLAN community. This to me is one of the reasons I love my job and my career, there are so many talented and good people that I have gotten to know through doing it and I really have a blast getting to expand my circle of friends in this industry.

I must say that Keith Parsons really made his dream come true of putting on an amazing conference and I thank him for giving me the opportunity to be one of the speakers. I spoke (of course) on WLAN Security and I was a little anxious just before speaking mainly because I wasn’t sure how many people would come to listen. I believed that VP Ketonen would draw more people to his talk as it was on advanced WLAN performance analysis, which was running at the same time as mine. I was relieved to see that the room was full with a good number of people waiting to hear what I was going to say. I felt comfortable for two reasons, first it’s a subject I know how to speak about and that I have quite a few opinions on, second here was a room full of friends that I knew and felt relaxed around. So really all I needed to do was speak up and give my opinions about where I thought WLAN security is today.

Still the feeling afterwards of having people come up to me to say ‘good job’, seeing tweets from people agreeing with something I said or the nods in the audience when I went into a particular topic and the interested questions that came from the audience was really something that made me think, wow! I had another wow moment a bit later when Peter Thornycroft, in his closing talk mentioned something I had said and agreed with me. It’s a wonderful feeling to have your peers validate your opinions and thoughts on a subject. I would highly recommend any of the attendees who feel they have something to say to sign up as a speaker at the next WLPC.

Finally some thoughts on the sessions I attended during the conference. I found several times I had much difficulty picking which one to go to and I am glad that Keith had them all recorded so I can go back and see what I missed. I know all my friends who were presenting did an amazing job as well putting across their passion for wireless and sharing the knowledge that they have with the other attendees there. To all of you I say ‘great job, you did a fantastic thing presenting and sharing the information you have’. I can’t wait to see all my friends again.

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  1. Chris,

    Thank you for volunteering to be part of the conference and speaking. I too wanted to see all the sessions – so I’m glad we’ll have an opportunity next week when we can get all the videos posted online.


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