I’m a Wireless Engineer employed by Accuvant, Inc. I’ve been in the computer industry since 1993 and working with wireless since 2005. I am CWNE #156 (CWNP445824), ACMX #9 and ACDX #198. Part of my reason for putting this blog up is to write about my study and progress to that goal. I love what I do and the best part of my job as a consultant is working with many different wireless networks large and small and providing my clients with a positive and enjoyable experience. My motto in this industry from the start has been that it is essentially a customer service industry in that no matter what position you have part of you role is making the customer happy.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Gray says:

    Hi there from a fellow Kiwi,
    Great blog and some interesting stuff, glad you are keeping up with all that is happening around WLANs. I heard you and the team reviewing the Aruba Airheads conference on the NSA podcast recently and the subject of 802.11ac came up. I got the feeling that you all agreed that it wasnt needed and why would we need those higher rates for. I might be missing the point but my understanding of WiFi networks is that it is still a shared medium and running at half-duplex, only one machine can talk at any one time on a specific channel…so the faster a client can transmit what they have to, then another client can start transmitting after that. We all know that slower devices (e.g. 802.11b) need more airtime and all other devices need to wait. The fact that we could have devices transmitting their data alot faster over the air would allow the whole WLAN to be more efficient, wouldnt you agree?

    keep up the good work / cheers bro!

  2. Martin Ericson says:

    I am also trying to pass the CWAP. Took the exam yesterday at 65%, so obviously I have more to study. Can you share your experience?

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