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Ruckus Wireless – Scaling for service provider Wi-Fi

One of the biggest thing that struck me as the overall theme of the Ruckus Wireless presentation at Wireless Field Day 8 was how they have found a niche in the service provider business and were working hard to expand their footprint there. Although I was aware of their presence in this market before, and […]

Wireless Field Day 8 – Game of Roams Edition

In the mythical land of San Jose, 12 noble Wi-Fi professionals fight for control of the RF airtime. Technical and marketing intrigue is pervasive. Stephen Foskett, King of Field Days, asks his old friend Tom Hollingsworth to serve as Hand of the King and supervise the assembled Wi-Fi lords. Secretly warned that the previous Hand […]

Cloudy with a chance of meat donuts

I just got back from an amazing week at Wireless Field Day 5. Being a big deal on the Internet came up and I made sure to push my case that my mum thinks I’m a big deal on the Internet too. I expect though that all mums (or moms if you prefer) think their […]