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The Internet of Cycling ‘IoC’ or Bike Area Networks

My good buddy, Devin Akin in a blog over at AirTight Networks has kicked off a discussion about a subject that is both over-hyped and under-hyped at the same time, the so called Internet of Things. Over-hyped because there are a lot of people running around breathlessly talking about how its going to change everything […]

WIPS will disappear

I’ve been thinking for a long time now about why it is that most of my customers seem not concerned about wireless intrusion detection/prevention systems. There are most definitely attacks out there that can cause problems to wireless networks and clients. I have many times talked to people about the advantages of having a system like this […]

Race Cars, Wi-Fi & Mobile Security

I think that one thing we engineers tend to get enamored of is that the advance of technology is a thing that is crucial to the success of a company. This is understandable in that for us, keeping up with technology is crucial to our jobs. We need to have a deep understanding of what […]