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Wi-Fi Calling with iOS8 and T-Mobile

I was sitting at home watching an Apple oriented video podcast that was discussing how Wi-Fi calling was now available in iOS 8 and that T-Mobile was one of the first carriers rolling this out. I realized that this may help me specifically with some of the dropped call issues I had been experiencing. I […]

802.11 Logical Services

In studying for the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) exam I found several instances of concepts that I didn’t readily understand or that were not clear to me from reading the study guide. One of those concepts is the reason why logically some things were in the station service (SS) and some were in the […]

Cisco’s CleanAir vs the Atheros vendors

Last week I attended Wireless Tech Field Day in San Jose. It had a heavy emphasis on spectrum analysis in that three of the vendors (Cisco, Metageek and Air Magnet) spoke about their SpecAn products. As I am currently studying for the CWAP exam I was particularly interesting in learning more about Cisco’s CleanAir product […]