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Wi-Fi Calling with iOS8 and T-Mobile

I was sitting at home watching an Apple oriented video podcast that was discussing how Wi-Fi calling was now available in iOS 8 and that T-Mobile was one of the first carriers rolling this out. I realized that this may help me specifically with some of the dropped call issues I had been experiencing. I […]

Finding the lazy bee’s – Aerohive’s application visibility and control

This week Aerohive announced their new switch line along with an upgrade to the Hivemanager and HiveOS to version 6.0. There are other reviews that went into this announcement quite well, including Lee H. Badman over at Network Computing and fellow blogger Tom Hollingsworth. What I would like to comment on in this blog is […]

Wireless Mobility Field Day

We are now on the verge of Wireless Field Day 3, which in a follow-up to my last post, I am going to rename Mobility Field Day. Now bear with me a bit here while I outline my reasoning. As I look at the IT industry and in particular wireless technologies there are a couple […]