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Finding the lazy bee’s – Aerohive’s application visibility and control

This week Aerohive announced their new switch line along with an upgrade to the Hivemanager and HiveOS to version 6.0. There are other reviews that went into this announcement quite well, including Lee H. Badman over at Network Computing and fellow blogger Tom Hollingsworth. What I would like to comment on in this blog is […]

Aerohive ups the bar for 802.11n APs

Well here we are 6 weeks after my last post on Aerohive and I find myself once again with some interesting news to write about. Today Aerohive has announced three new APs to their lineup, which add some exciting new features to their 802.11n APs. These are the HiveAP 330, 350 and 170. The first […]

Aerohive HiveOS & Hivemanager 4.0

I have been working with Aerohive for some time now and have been able to build a familiarity with their products and their vision for wireless in the enterprise. Aerohive has announced their new 4.0 releases of both HiveOS, which runs on their APs and Hivemanager, which provides management of the APs. I am going […]