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Wi-Fi Speed Tests: So F*ucking What!

I was reading my twitter feed on the way home tonight and it was abuzz about a new Miercom report that Cisco had paid for that showed their new Aironet 3702i AP vs. an Aruba Networks AP-225. Miercom is well known by most WLAN pros that I know in that they generally give you paid […]

Gigabit Wi-Fi Design – More Devices, More Capacity, More Problems.

When I first started learning how to deploy Wi-Fi networks I really only had a vague knowledge of how it all really worked. In those days, I relied heavily on friends who were experts to give me a basic idea of how Access Points should be deployed. It was in a way much simpler to […]

Cloudy with a chance of meat donuts

I just got back from an amazing week at Wireless Field Day 5. Being a big deal on the Internet came up and I made sure to push my case that my mum thinks I’m a big deal on the Internet too. I expect though that all mums (or moms if you prefer) think their […]