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February 2013

Building Meraki’s cloud controller architecture

Meraki is an interesting company. They took a very different approach to the Wi-Fi market. Instead of concentrating on speeds and feeds, like many other companies, their major innovation and idea was to build a cloud controller for their products and make the refinement of that interface the focus of their efforts. This has resulted […]

Wireless Field Day 4 – The eye of the storm

This will be my 4th wireless field day and I must say I’m very honored to be once again invited back. This event has for me become important not only for the caliber of people that attend from all around the world (the best and brightest in the industry!) but also because from my point of view […]

WIPS will disappear

I’ve been thinking for a long time now about why it is that most of my customers seem not concerned about wireless intrusion detection/prevention systems. There are most definitely attacks out there that can cause problems to wireless networks and clients. I have many times talked to people about the advantages of having a system like this […]