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March 2011

Air Magnet: The Wi-Fi Engineer’s Tool Belt

The second vendor I very much wanted to blog about from Wireless Tech Field Day is Air Magnet. As I gained more knowledge in deploying wireless solutions and progressed beyond simply following the setup instructions my colleagues gave me to implement specific features and functionality I became aware that I needed a larger knowledge base […]

Cisco’s CleanAir vs the Atheros vendors

Last week I attended Wireless Tech Field Day in San Jose. It had a heavy emphasis on spectrum analysis in that three of the vendors (Cisco, Metageek and Air Magnet) spoke about their SpecAn products. As I am currently studying for the CWAP exam I was particularly interesting in learning more about Cisco’s CleanAir product […]

Study for CWAP & Wireless Field Day Update

Well its been a long time since I posted anything to this blog. I have, however been focused pretty much solely on getting the busy part of the year out of the way at my job. In the meantime I have had to, by necessity put aside studying. This post, however, marks my return to […]